iWISERS Sdn Bhd (the “Company“) is the owner of (the “Website”). By signing up and/or registering for further information, you as the User acknowledges and understands that the Company would need to process the personally identifiable information in order to (i) verify and contact the User for the purpose of sharing the requested information about the services requested; and (ii) to verify the User’s identity to get relevant information for the User. The personally identifiable information (the “PII“) that will be collected and processed include name, email, telephone number, transaction logs, equipment PII (i.e. IP Address, the equipment type, the connection network or status). The Company may collect and store the User’s PII throughout the time that the User is still a registered User on the Website; provided that the Company commits not to disclose the User’s PII to any party, except (i) for the cloud data storage (ii) as required under the applicable laws or the administrative instruction; or (iii) except as required to protect the Company’s legitimate interest. This Privacy Policy is only applicable to the use of the Website and shall not apply to the PII process undertaken by the other third party (the “Third Party“). The User understands and agrees that the Company does not give any representation and warranty either directly or explicitly for the PII process by the Third Party, and the User shall not hold the Company liable for the Third Party’s action or negligence. If the User does not accept this Privacy Policy, the Company reserves the right to refrain from providing any services or information to those Users since the processing of the PII defined hereunder are critical for the function and operation of the request on the Website. By continuing to use the Website, the relevant User shall be deemed to always accept and agree to the Privacy Policy. The Company represents and guarantees that the Company shall use the most appropriate security measures to prevent the unauthorized access, amendment or disclosure of the PII in any form or any circumstance by either internal or external persons to be in strict compliance with the applicable laws.


The Company acknowledges and accepts the User’s rights as the data subject over their PII as defined under the applicable laws, including in particular the Personal Data Protection Act of Malaysia and Singapore. The User shall be entitled to exercise any of the data subject’s rights and the Company commits to respond in the timeline manner and strict compliance with the applicable laws.


In case the User would like to contact the Company concerning any PII issues or to request to remove or change any PII, the User may contact the Company at


[email protected]

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