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We become your one-stop intel services arm. Our unique methodologies will get you actionable insights. Social listening and intel keep your digital marketing initiatives relevant to your bottom line in the long run. It enables your brand to adapt pro-actively rather than realization after the fact. All reports are customized for your brand.

  • Brand Health Check: Your Brand vs Competitor Brands
  • Product Health Check: Your products analysis and/or vs competitors
  • Content Performance Analysis: Audit your content performance
  • Content Performance Analysis with competition strategy analysis
  • Audience Segmentation Analysis
  • Market trends analysis for corporate activities strategy
  • Overall industry performance study e.g. Fitness, Beauty, Automotive, etc.
  • (GTM) Go-to-market precursory market and audience analysis

Any other custom objectives that will further enable your goals can be crafted once our consultants understand your needs.


We monitor your brand’s health and in the event that there is a crisis we will assist you to monitor the issue closely so that you have eyes on the impact and rate of escalation in your time of need. We screen all chatter and send only relevant conversations that mention your brand or topic. In this service module, we have your back when you need it most. Coverage includes all social media & online platforms (Eg: FB, TW, Forums, Blogs, News).

  • Hourly crisis status updates via preferred communication channels e.g email, WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE, WeChat, Signal, etc.
  • Daily crisis in progress escalation rate report
  • Daily / Weekly negative chatter monitoring intel report
  • End crisis post mortem report
  • Countermeasures include seeding efforts to mitigate crisis (if needed)


Thinking of using influencers but have no idea if they are the best fit for your brand? We provide several intel services that can address this gap.

  • Pre-appointment influencer list auditing
  • During campaign performance audit
  • Post campaign performance audit
  • Audience duplication analysis
  • Micro-KOL management services
  • Micro-seeders for brand advocacy programmes


In the event that you have burning questions that a single data set is unable to answer, our consultants will come in. They will collaborate with our data science team to craft an integrated approach combining multiple data sources and methods to arrive at the answer required to solve your query or give you a bigger picture of the overall situation of your brand or objective. Some examples of combined data are:

  • Traditional media clippings data + Social data
  • Traditional Survey + Social data
  • Traditional Focus Groups + Survey + Social data
  • Client CRM data + Focus groups
  • Client database + Social data mapping and correlation analysis
  • E-commerce store + Social data


With our regional exposure working with eminent organizations, our consultants help our partners learn not only from their industry but through best practices beyond their reach via our internal archives.

  • Digital transformation
  • Sales commissions structure, targets structuring, and rate card
  • Organizational structure and employer branding scoring
  • Customer satisfaction trouble-shooting
  • Digital media playbook
  • Process playbooks by departments
  • Social media marketing tactics and management
  • Business process enhancements
  • Reporting and tracking mechanics standardization
  • Change management – coaching and mentoring one-on-one
  • Sales, operations, team building workshops

Depending on the custom partner client’s objective, our consultant will craft the correlated consulting support module.


Our full-stack digital strategy and creation team uses intel to drive creatives.

  • Digital Asset Creation
  • Website Development
  • Web-app Development
  • Mobile App Development (iOS, Android)
  • Page Creation & Management
  • Community Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Content Creation
  • Ads Management
  • SEO / SEM
  • Copywriting
  • Press Releases
  • Virtual Events

Depending on the custom partner client objective our consultant will craft the correlated creative support module.

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